A Young Age

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Tatum explains how white individuals, at a young age are taught by the American culture that they have superiority over people of color. These assumptions can be made based on social media and institutions such as school. Parents also plays a huge role on influencing their children on what to think about on certain groups. For examples, children at a young age watches cartoons and based off of those images, they grow up thinking that those assumptions are accurate. Due to this, they make assumptions on others’ race based on what they learned from the media, school, and also from parents. As a result of this, their mentality has set to only one specific path without challenging it. Omission also plays an important role on how each…show more content…
The society knows that their actions was unacceptable and if students are learning about it then they will want to challenged the system. Stereotypes, omissions, and distortions plays an important role on how Tatum defines the term Prejudice. “Prejudice” is a preconceived judgement or opinion, usually based on limited information” (32). People in generally all have at some point in their life has prejudice towards one another. This is the assumption that people make towards one another because of their upbringings, social media, or school institutions. This assumptions is what Tatum referred to as “Cultural racism”; which is the “cultural images and messages that affirm the assumed superiority of whites and the assumed inferiorty of people of color” (32). These are the assumptions that people have inernalize because of the daily surroundings and environment they are exposed to. The American culture is set up in a way that divides people in a way that they are constantly exposed to “ethnic jokes of friends and family memebers, and are rarely informed of the accomplisments of oppressed groups, we will develope the negative categorization of those groups that form the basis of prejudice” (32). Some people in general find it fuuny that it is acceptable to make remarks about ones’ race simply because it was what previous people thought it was funny. People have internalized these concepts for so long
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