A literature Review on inpatient falls

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A literature Review on inpatient falls NRS 433V August 3rd, 2014

A Literature Review on inpatient falls According to the reports published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Injury Centre (2007), falls are the third most common cause of unintentional injury death across all age groups and the first leading cause among people 65 years and older. A hospital can be a dangerous and erratic place for inpatients because of its unfamiliar …show more content…

(Barker et al, 2011).

Study 2:
George P. Forrest, (2012) A comparison of the functional independence measure and Morse Fall Scale as tools to assess risk of fall on an Inpatient Rehabilitation
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine if the Functional Independence Measure (FIM) is as useful as the Morse Fall Scale in determining which patients

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