The Evidence Based Assessment Of Morse Fall Scale : Risk Assessment

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Morse Fall Risk Assessment
The evidence based assessment tool, Morse Fall Scale is used to assess the risk for falls.
Internet Citation: Tool 3H: Morse Fall Scale for Identifying Fall Risk Factors. Content last reviewed January 2013. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
*Morse Fall Scale is used to help determine if there is a risk for any patient to fall. This tool is completed on admission, one time per shift and as needed for patient condition, for example change in mental status, new medications, ect.

To complete the Mores Falls Scale you will need to follow these instructions.
1. First, you clean your hands (either wash or use hand sanitizer) prior to entering patients room.
2. Introduce yourself to the patient
→→ let them know who you are and what you will be doing for them.

3. Log in to the computer system, and pull up the patient admission form (this may be different depending on where you work and your policies)

4. Begin at the top of the Morse fall scale beginning with any history of falling, within the last 3 months. →→If the patient answers no then you check the 0, if they say yes you check the 25.

5. The second area is for the nurse to fill in. do they have a secondary diagnosis? →→ Most patients do, they are usually never admitted for only one thing. However, you check 0 if they only have one medical diagnosis and 15 for more

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