ADVANCE Individual and Group Counseling,Diagnosis and Assessment of the Addicted Client.

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Research Paper Advanced Individual and Group Counseling, Diagnosis and Assessment of the Addicted Client Instructor: Dr. Ozietta Taylor LCPC Psych 641 Wilber L. Jackson Date Submitted: December 8, 2014 Date Due: December 8, 2014 Treatment Strategies in Counseling Methadone Clients Using Benzodiazepines And other Licit and Illicit Substance Case Scenario: Michael Doe is a 21 year old methadone patient. He presented at a Methadone Treatment Center with a 3 year history of opioid prescription use (egg. Percocet). A) What is Methadone? (1 page) B) Purpose of Methadone: Primary and Side effects (2 Pages) C) History of Methadone Use in the United States (1 Page) D) The Synergistic Effects of Methadone …show more content…

There are many theories, though. For example, some people may inherit certain genes that make them more likely to abuse drugs. Another theory is that people learn how to use drugs by copying the behavior of others. Also, changes that happen in the brain due to long-term drug use may reinforce a person 's desire to keep using drugs. It is common for a person to deny that he has a drug problem. Symptoms of drug abuse include: Repeated work, school, or home problems due to drug use Continued use of drugs even though it means risking physical safety Recurring trouble with the law related to drug use (eg, driving while under the influence of drugs) Continuing to use drugs despite drug-related problems in personal relationships Drug abuse can occur without being physically dependent on a drug. Symptoms of drug dependence include at least three of the following: Craving for the drug Inability to stop or limit drug use Tolerance (taking greater amounts to feel the same effect) Withdrawal symptoms that occur when the drug is stopped Significant amounts of time trying to acquire drugs and recover from the effects Drug use continues even when it causes or worsens physical or mental health problems While there is no cure for drug abuse or dependence, there are three main treatment goals: To help you stop using drugs To decrease the toxic effects of the drugs being used and to aid in symptoms of drug withdrawal

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