ARMONIA Case Study Scenarios

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If community is for the growth of individuals within the group, the case-study of

ARMONIA is a good example of how community empowers the weak and poor in society (Cruz-

Ramos & Cruz-Valdivieso, 2011). It began as a Christian initiative to serve the most poor populations

of Mexico City using psychosocial interventions. Poverty, it is contended, is more than just a lack of

material wealth. It is “a culture, a way of life that effects every aspect of a person and their community.

It is characterized by isolation, exploitation, helplessness, lack of vision for the future and

hopelessness” (Cruz-Ramos & Cruz-Valdivieso, 2011, p. 224). Community psychology was used as a

method of enhancing the wellness of both individuals and the …show more content…

Eventually, a treatment model developed organically that targeted problems experienced by both the

families and the community. A supportive environment was created, where the residents of

the slums were brought together to collectively find solutions to problems, rather than focusing on

individual therapy. A community was crystallized as they faced each others problems collectively

(Cruz-Ramos & Cruz-Valdivieso, 2011). Thus, the indigenous poor are not 'given a voice', but 'find WHAT ARE SPIRIT AND COMMUNITY? 11

their voice' through the dignity and self-realization achieved through being truly 'seen'.

Other exemplary examples are the communities of L'Arche, first created by Jean Vanier in

1964, when, deeply troubled by the plight of people with mental handicaps who were shut away in

institutions, he invited two men with intellectual disabilities to live with him in a house he

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