of mice and men comprehension questions

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Chapter 1 1. Why does Steinbeck describe the setting with such detail? He describes it in such detail because he wants to describe the setting in a way that appeals to the reader. Opinions may vary, but when I read the first page I automatically thought of a place abundant in greenery and animals. Maybe even a forest with a running river. But then later on in the book he describes the setting in a very opposite manner. 2. What is the relationship between George and Lennie? George and Lennie are like brothers...if you look at life during the Dust Bowl, times were hard and families were torn apart. George could have left Lennie any day. George could 've left Reed and let the authorities take lennie so he would run off, start …show more content…

George snapped his fingers sharply, and at the sound Lennie laid the mouse in his hand. The use of "terrier" is significant. It shows that Lennie, despite his overwhelming "bear" size, is actually extremely loyal to George. Akin to the dog, Lennie obeys George as a dog does a master. The detail of "who doesn 't want to bring a ball to its master" is another example of animal imagery that evokes how much Lennie is dependent on George. The idea of how a dog obeys its master no matter what 7. What does it say about he view of handicapped people during the 1930`s? Mentally disabled people in the 1930 's did not have the same treatment, which they are afforded today. Mentally disabled people during this era had the tendency to be placed into mental wards--at an alarming number. Doctors during this time did not have the understanding of mental disabilities that they do today. Many hospitals were overcrowded given doctors would tend to commit the mentally disabled person (given their inability to properly treat them). 8. How have views on the handicapped changed/stayed the same today? In the 1930`s people who handicapped would be considered metal and would be placed in a mental hospital and would not have the right to do anything. In todays society people who are handicapped are treated with respect and are not thrown into mental hospitals. You cannot judge a person based on something like that

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