Aaron Fyler. Mrs.Schroder. English Iv. 5 December 2016.

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Aaron Fyler
English IV
5 December 2016
Gothic Influences within Frankenstein Gothic has its origins from the Germanic tribes who invaded and plundered Rome and other European nations during the third, fourth, and fifth centuries. The word Gothic became connected to words like barbaric and savage and was integrated into the Middle ages due to the time period itself being referred to as unenlightened and superstitious (Architecture). Its first entrance into literature occurred in Horace Walpole’s novel The Castle of Otranto which was quickly used by other artists for their literary works. There are many small characteristics that distinguish Gothic literature, though the largest features that describe Gothic literature are …show more content…

The anti hero in Shelley’s case was creature who was a grotesque monster who learned and yearned to be accepted into society. His rejection from human society because of his looks causes him to commit criminal and immoral acts. Though he commits immoral acts in the middle of the novel, he shows anti hero traits towards the end of the novel after the death of Victor where the creature vows to extinguish his own life in response to all the pain he has caused. Much of the examples pulled from the novel are dark and exceedingly depressing with the intention to further simulate Gothic literature. The atmosphere of Frankenstein is almost in its entirety eerie, disturbing, and depressing. The atmosphere of this novel also includes its characters, their back stories, the environment they are subjected to, and the actions those characters perform. Victor’s isolation period prior to the gift of life to the creature is a prime example of Shelley’s use of atmosphere to create an eerie and disturbing picture within the reader’s mind. Prior to the creation of the creature Victor goes into complete seclusion to study the recreation of life. He forms the creature from parts of dead criminals. The actions Victor takes paints a dark picture of him that lifts an uneasy feeling inside of the reader’s stomach. The darkness and depressing mood of the piece does not

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