Abduction: A Short Story

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Abduction is mastering the element of unlawfully obtaining and detaining at the highest degree whilst being extremely stealth; the stealthiness is often great enough that national security businesses must be employed in order to regain possession of the abducted person. Further, the greater the value deemed of the person to both parties involved, the more challenging it is to rescue the person being held captive. The senator’s daughter being held captive in Kabul, Afghanistan amidst an active war zone instilled the Canadian investigators with a feeling of unsettlement. Leah Anderson’s face value is worth far more than an average civilian case. Both parties knew this. The four walls stood blank except for the north facing wall where the makeshift investigative tracking board was situated. Numerous photos of landscapes, possible offenders and Leah’s profile covered the canvas. Arrows darting in multi …show more content…

The men anticipated the trill of the familiar ringtone. Whenever Abdul called the atmosphere grew tense. Everyone in the room was alert. Robson picked up on the first ring and the group of investigators took notes, intercepted the call and depicted background noises whilst analyzing where the call was being made from that day. “When ya gonna stop playin’ these games son” Abdul slurred in his Pashto accent, his clicked his tongue and he chuckled a throaty grunt. Robson waited a beat. “Abdul, you know the proceeding. Proof of life before we continue.” Muffled voices and shuffling filled the intercom “I am alive” Leah’s faint voice quaked. “We’re the Taliban, we have Leah. Pay 10 million of she’ll die.” Abdul bluntly stated. Robson’s second in command scribbled a note on a scrap paper and handed it to him. Robson glanced at the paper before proceeding to deny Abdul the 10 million dollars as it would be unlawful to pay off terrorists. “No deal” Abdul said abruptly. The phone line went

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