Abellona Abbott: A Short Story

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“You don’t actually believe Abellona Abbott was a witch, how could you believe in such nonsense? Sure, people might’ve believed in witchcraft back in the 1700’s, but not anymore. Witchcraft ain’t nothin’ but a bunch of horseshit.” “Oh, I wouldn’t say that it’s horseshit.” Savannah said back to me as she picked up more stones. “How would you explain all the horrible things that have happened to the children of Mt. Harrison over the past three centuries then?” “Yeah, I’ve seen a number of their graves in the cemetery.” I admitted as I looked up at the crow that was now back circling in the sky above us. “I guess a lot of kids have died around here, huh? But, you can’t blame that on a girl who lived close to three hundred years ago. Places got hit by diseases all the time back then, dysentery, cholera, measles, mumps, small pox, bad water, stuff like that. Things back then weren’t like they are today.” “Then how do you explain all the things that still happen to them now?” Savannah then asked me now sounding implacable. “I don’t know if anything has been happenin’ to them now.” I told her being dismissive. “Like I said, I just moved up here a couple of weeks …show more content…

“GET!!!” I watched as the cat jumped straight into the air as the rock bounced off the ground underneath her. “Don’t do that!” I shouted while putting up a hand to try to stop Savannah from throwing another stone. “That one’s nice. She fell asleep in my mama’s lap before.” Savannah then dropped the rest of her rocks, looked at me and said, “I think it’s gone now anyway.” as the cat slipped back into the forest. “But don’t let your guard down with any of Mount Harrison’s strays. They’ll turn on you just when you least expect them too.” “Alright, well… I’d better be gettin’ back home now anyways. I’ll see you later, okay Savannah.” “Yeah, I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other again real soon, Sara Singer from Saraland.” After leaving I quickly made my way back down the hill with the aid of my walking stick helping me from twisting an ankle. Soon I then found myself back among the maples and oaks where the prickly ferns that hovered just above the ground restarted their assault on my

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