Abigail Adams Critique

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Jordan Maki
Prof. Meier
History 6
October 20, 2017
Abigail Adams Book Critique In the novel, Abigail Adams: A Revolutionary American Woman, Charles Akers portrays the life of a strong, revolutionary woman named Abigail Adams. She was known as the first lady of the United States under John Adams and she played an indirect role in influencing the American Revolution. She is called one of the founders of the country for her revolutionary thinking and her being a rights activist. Abigail Adams faced many hardships throughout her life. She was the daughter of a minister and had two sisters and a brother. In the 1700’s, children did not have a high survival rate due to the amount of diseases and nothing to treat them with. Abigail Adams said in her old age that she “was always sick” (Akers 5). This reminds people how tough life was in the 1700’s and how easy it was to pass away from a mere cold. Abigail also did not have any education growing up. Women, in the colonial era, were not supposed to have an education and were supposed to watch the kids, cook, and clean. Readers of this book learn that many women back then were illiterate and were self-taught, if they had any education. Abigail did find a love for literature due to her sister’s spouse, Richard Cranch. He influenced her love for literature at a young age and she started to become more literate. Along with the disease and educational deficiency, women were considered as property. A young woman could either give up

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