Abigail Williams Comparison

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When the play commenced it starts with a projector, projecting onto the curtains the dates and the Communist accusation tapes post-Cold War, conveying an early message of, "The more things change, the more they stay the same." When the movie initiated it starts with the girls all getting dressed to go out in the woods to do a ritual, “What you bring me?” As the girl’s hand in their sacrifices they begin to say names, “Joseph Baker, Richard Wilkens, Matthew Hopkins, Daniel Hopkins, Daniel Poole, Jacob Pope, William Bridges, Adam, Town, Jacob Poole, Michael Pope.” In the book it starts up with Reverend Parris, Tituba, Abigail Williams, and Susanna around Betty wondering why she does not wake. The play shows a real time action part, that neither the movie, or the book could equiponderate. The Abigail Williams from the play was portrayed better than in the book or movie. Every single time in the play she talked there was live music that delineates how the audience should feel and know that she is lying or telling the truth. In the book she was characterized as a lustful nineteen year old that thinks after having a tryst with someone means that you’re in love. In the movie Abigail Williams was a bit of an extremist because she, at first, was a timid young girl, then the next minute she chopped off the chicken’s head and drank some blood after hearing the girls say she wants John Proctor. In the movie Abigail Williams accuses Reverend Hale’s wife to be a witch, while in the book
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