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Abolishment of the death penalty in America Every year, many prisoners on death row have to choose their last meal before they face death. It is a very serious decision for inmates to make because it is the last thing they got to savor and enjoy since they are moments away from execution. Prisoners on death row, pay with their lives for the crimes they have committed. Instead of granting life sentences to prisoners, federal courts punish prisoners by executing them. It is a long and difficult decision for states to make, but based on the unjust manner cases are presented regarding prisoners of color, there is a large number of innocent prisoners put to death row. This form of punishment is cruel and unusual. It is cruel because it is a barbaric punishment that has no place in the 21st century. It is also unusual since America is the only 1st world nation that still uses the death penalty. The death penalty is also given to racial minorities the most. The issue of racial bias is greatly present in capital punishment cases. The issue of putting someone with a mental disability on death row is always a possibility. Although, the Supreme Court has ruled executions of the mentally ill illegal, there stands a chance that the execution will end up happening. Considering all the possibilities of racial injustice and mental health stigma, the death penalty should not be used as form of punishment in the U.S
In the Criminal Justice System, the death penalty does not respect the

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