Abolition of The Death Penalty Essay

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The Abolishment of the Death Penalty As Americans we live in a modern republic under a government constructed to secure the rights of the people. Today’s government and judicial systems were forged by our founding fathers as they fought to establish a government free from tyranny and brutality and thereby forming a constitution based on civil liberties. Our country has grown and matured through the centuries and in effect has made changes and alterations as innovations and advancements have deemed necessary. One area where we seem to have evolved at a slower rate is in the archaic and often inhumane judicial laws of the death penalty. The death penalty, a law which strips the civil liberties and violates the human rights of the accused …show more content…

Death by hanging, firing squads, electrocution, the gas chamber and death by lethal injection are all options still available to those on death row. Each one in progression a little more civilized then the one before it, or so society attempts to convince themselves. The courts, as well as society, need to stop accepting and allowing these gruesome acts of purposely killing another human in the name of justice. In recent centuries the majority of American citizens supported the death penalty believing it served both as a deterrent and as an appropriate response to particularly heinous crimes. Unquestionably, there are heinous acts of crime being committed. Yes, these crimes need to be addressed, victims and their families need validation and offenders needed to be prosecuted, punished and kept from harming others. Yet, in our imperfect legal system and often overzealous prosecution mistakes are inevitable. Seemingly conclusive circumstantial evidence, coerced confessions, emotionally biased witness testimonies, inadequate legal representation and community pressure all fatal ingredients that could lead to a life altering mistake by a jury of the accused peers or a presiding judge. It could be argued that death is what murderers deserve. However, requiring that the punishment fit the crime is an unacceptable principle, we would then have to apply this to all crimes such as rape, assault and torture. While

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