Abortion Based On Genetic Testing

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Abortion Based on genetic screenings is ultimately a catalyst to a much larger issue that will soon arrive if nothing is done to prevent it. The effects of allowing abortion based on genetics are largely consequential in that, the ideology that some lives are more valuable than others would emerge, as well as the lesser treatment of those with genetic defects. Although the idea of removing these defects from the world inherently is good, what it would do to those who slip through and are born with them would be tremendously detrimental. In order to prevent the value of human life being measured at different levels, it is necessary that genetically reasoned abortion be removed.
Within his paper, Implications of Prenatal a Diagnosis for the Human Right to Life, Leo R. Kass ventures into the reasoning and consequences behind abortion due to genetic defects. The paper begins with the need for justification as to whether abortion is chosen or not. No matter what the decision there will always be an expectation for a given answer, whether a woman chooses abortion or not society will almost as if require reasoning behind the decision. Despite the opinions and differences between people, the expectation of reasoning remains constant. Not only does Kass explain that there is a need for justification, he also provides specific justifications commonly used and defended. Although it has been extensively proven that abortion cannot be justified by claiming that the fetus is merely a part
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