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Abortions should be sterilized,unbias and paid for by non – profit programs funded by the government. General conversation about abortions has always been a touchy subject. Roe vs. Wade case in 1973 granted women the right to eliminate unwanted pregnancies based on the right to privacy. Some may argue that the decision should be based weighted against maternal safety the protection of prenatal life. Others argue religious reasons. Roman Catholicism and Christianity believe abortions to be a crime or sin. These religions believe that the birth of a child is not something that could be thrown away, but it’s a gift from the Heaven’s. Most religions have taken strong positions on abortion. People involved in abortions are usually affected …show more content…

Our prayers continue to go out for the family”( Sullenger 2016). There are numerous of stories like Cree Erwin’s . No nation dedicated to individual rights would consider the murder of helpless babies with little concern for the well being of the babies. Women aren't forced to bear children, they choose to bear children by the act of having sexual intercourse.Unplanned pregnancy should not be considered as an excuse for deciding to have an abortion. Abortion is inhumane because it does not only speak of hostile effects to the life of the child but also to the health and well-being of the woman who has undergone an abortion. It is due to the lack of education and information about abortion that women who resort to abortion do not know what abortion could do to their bodies. With accurate sexual education, use of effective contraception and privison of safety , this could help decrease the number of abortions. Women, including adolescents, with unwanted pregnancies often resort to unsafe abortion when they cannot access safe abortion. If crimes like rape and incest is produced with a pregnancy then an abortion would only be acceptable.
Abortions are safe if they are done with a method recommended by WHO that is appropriate to the pregnancy duration and if the person providing or supporting the abortion is trained. Such abortions can be done using tablets (medical abortion)

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