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Abortion is deemed as the premature expulsion of the foetus from the
womb. Abortion is not a modern moral dilemma, contrary to what a lot
of people think. It has been an issue since Jesus' time, and before,
as even in the Old Testament times the law concerning abortion was
that if you killed an unborn child you were responsible to pay

In modern times, Parliament has debated the subject many times and has
drawn up two main reasons as to why an abortion can legally be carried
out so long as the pregnancy hasn't reached its 24th week. 1. That
continuing the pregnancy would involve serious mental or physical risk
to the woman or her immediate family or 2. If there is a
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that abortion is fine, and should be available on

The churches also have their own view on abortion. The Protestant
churches differ somewhat, although they are all against abortion on
demand and mostly think along the same lines as the law. The Catholic
church has a very resolute view on abortion. It believes that all
abortion is wrong and immoral. They take this view because they
believe that our bodies are God's temples- 'Do you not know that His
spirit dwells within you?' Corinthians 3:16

It also says in the Psalms that we are known to God even before we are
conceived; therefore it is wrong to kill an unborn child: 'You created
every part of me; You put me together in my mother's womb…You saw me
before I was even born' Psalm 139. The Catholic church is completely
pro life.

Other Pro-life campaigners say that life begins at conception too,
that a foetus is never just part of its mother's body. Also, they
believe that abortion is not just about religion- but of a basic
denial of rights, since the UN have declared that a baby needs
protecting before and after birth.

Another reason would be that if you kill a child before it is given a
chance to live, how do we know if we have just killed a potential
world leader or even just another…

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