Abortion Insurance Essay

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H.R.7 No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act of 2017 is a proposed legislation that would put the Hyde Amendment into permanent affect (govtrack2017). This would ban all federal funds and all federally funded health care coverages from paying for elective abortions (congress2017). The only time the coverage of an abortion would be covered is if the mother was raped, incest had occurred, or the mother’s life was at risk (Congress2017). This legislation would also make it illegal for someone to get an abortion by a federal employee or at a federal clinic (govtrack2017). Despite the abortion taking place, whether it was legal or illegal, insurance would cover any complications ( The No …show more content…

The Family Research Council stated that “abortion is not a health care issue”(web.b.ebschohost2017). The FRC also argued that as long as the government continues to pay for abortions that they will not only continue to happen, but will increase in numbers (web.b.schohost). News publishers such as the Washington Times have called this the “Lifesaving amendment” (Washinngtontimes2017). In a poll taken by American’s in regards to tax payer’s dollars going towards paying for abortions, sixty one percent of people, stated that they are opposed to it (CITE). In a speech composed by Republican Smith, he stated that since the Hyde Amendment was passed, that over two million lives have been saved (bing2017).
Presidential nominee Hilary Clinton has been a huge opponent when it comes to enforcing this bill (bing2017). Her, and many other women in America, feel like this is an injustice to women and their reproductive rights (thinkprogress2017). Research has shown that one in six women in American are on Medicaid (Refinery29). Before the Hyde amendment was approved, Medicaid was paying for about 300,000 abortions per year (refinery29&washingtontimes2017). Without the government funding abortions, many women may give up bills such as electricity or borrow money in order to terminate their pregnancy (thinkprogress). Others argue that when women are left with no way to pay for abortions that they are left to seek the operations from illegal or unlicensed professionals

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