Abortion : Is A Choice More Valuable Than A Life? Essay

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Abortion: Is a Choice More Valuable Than a Life?
Many different social issues divide our world. The diversity over the issue of abortion is loud and glaring. Like the hormones that battle within a pregnant woman’s body, so do the warring sides of abortion influence all of humanity. Many of the components that are argued over include the positions opposing sides hold on the matter, the definition of what abortion truly is, along with the physical and mental effects abortion has on women. Today’s society has made abortion far more ethically and legally acceptable than the elimination of another human life should be. Pro-life and Pro-choice are the main groups associated with this topic. They are each the antitheses of the other. Those sided with Pro-choice advocate that a woman has the final say when it comes to her body. They claim that an unformed human life has less of a choice or say than the mother does. Additionally, certain research has offered the evaluation that “… a fetus is incapable of feeling pain prior to the 24th week of gestation, and possibly throughout pregnancy” (Saporta); thus, furthering the view that a fetus should not be considered human until a certain time during a pregnancy. Supporters of Pro-life view the existence of another human being to be more important than the consequences a woman would have to face by keeping an unwanted child. Furthermore, revealed by Kenneth Jost in “Abortion Debates”, fetal pain expert Kanwaljeet Anand of Oxford

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