Abortion Is The Choice Of The Woman Holding The Fetus

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Abortion is a subject that sparks great debate either for or against. With the country that we live in today, its moral standards are ever changing and its decisions are scrutinized. Abortions are becoming justified and should be the choice of the woman holding the fetus. This choice should be supported because government should not be involved in the choice of its individual people. Religion, and science will always cause friction when educating people on how a human life is or should be treated. Abortion is more than educating people, it has psychological factors, and it has short-term, and long-term effects. The financial matters and who bears the overall long-term effect, society or the individual needs to be addressed. The Supreme Court of the United States has been involved in highly publicized cases of abortion; Rowe v Wade, Gonzales v. Carnhart, Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood of New England, are to name a few. The Supreme Court is the highest form of government in the United States to decide these matters and should throw them back down the state where each own can establish its guidelines to govern these laws and regulations. Sexual Education in the school system is designed to teach the youth about sexually transmitted diseases, and the risk of what can happen if a life is brought into this world unplanned. It is at this point where abortion should be discussed and debated so that the future and those planning on the future can make the decisions with a full…

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