Abortion Is Wrong: An Opinion Essay

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Abortion is Wrong The argument "should abortion be legal or illegal?" can be argued both ways, and where I stand is somewhere in the middle. I am Catholic, and believe strongly that abortion is a sin because it constitutes the murder of human life. However, I also believe that abortion should be allowed for women who were raped. An accidental pregnancy, however, is not an excuse to have an abortion. The practice of carrying the child to term sometimes wakes up the woman to the possibility of motherhood, even if it was unplanned. If she decides that she does not want to raise the child, then she may be able to find someone to adopt. Many families cannot have children of their own, and are willing to adopt. Even the woman who is raped should be counseled for as long as possible to offer the choice. Therefore, I believe that abortion should be legal but only in extreme cases. If we allow abortion, we are condoning murder. A healthy society is not one that is built on moral relativism. We cannot say that murder is bad, while killing babies. I understand that not all people feel the way I feel, but not all people want to stop stealing, either. The law is important to have, because there will always be people who are willing to do bad things. The primary reason why I am against abortion is religion. I understand that Americans believe in the separation of Church and State, but that does not mean that all our morals have to be thrown out the window. Our society must still have

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