Abortion is Morally and Ethically Wrong Essay

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Carol Everett once said “The product abortion, is skillfully marketed and sold to the women at a crisis time in her life. She buys the product, finds it defective and wants to return it for a refund, but it is too late.” Abortion is one of the most controversial topics amongst not only politicians but also every human being alive; rather they are pro-choice or pro-life. I am personally in between; I believe that is the choice of that particular woman. We can not as a society decide the choices of others, especially if it is not a written law. But also I believe that it is murder. It was in 1973 when the Roe v Wade case abolished all laws prohibiting abortion. Medically the term abortion is the premature exit of the products of …show more content…

Abortion also in some eyes was a sin according to the bible it says “thou shall not kill” thus prohibiting people from harming others and their selves. But arguments in accordance with the preceding quote argue the question when does life actually begin? Some argue that life begins at conception while others argue that life does not exist until the fetus lives outside of the mother. Also if we go as far as to say a fetus is a human, then we mine as well call the sperm or an egg a human, so should we ban birth control all together since we are killing a “human” (abortion 3) ? When one makes a statement that abortion is murder they usually argue that by time most women decide to do the abortion the fetus already has a heart, brain, circulation, and other body arts that a “human being” has outside of the womb. Another arguing point is that how can society accept the death penalty which is a sentence of punishment by death, but be opposed to abortion, that is hypocrisy. If we let the government make abortion illegal, than the government would essentially have control of a woman body. People say that it is a woman’s choice, and to illegalize abortion will be taking away her choices. But then one can argue that “it is my choice to blow up the world” does that make it ok” to take away the lives of helpless individuals? One can also

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