Abortion Is Wrong

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I believe that abortion is wrong and it’s a social problem. I think that it is wrong to have an abortion because life begins at conception. Abortion is no different to murder as it is the act of taking a human life. As in California penal code 187 says murder is an unlawful killing of a human being, or a fetus with malice. I think the above definition is an easier and less aggressive way to say that abortion is the murdering of a human being. No civilized society should permit any person to intentionally hurt or take the life of another human without any type of punishment, and abortion should not be different.
Many people will agree that women have the right to choose what she wants to do with her body. The problem with that is the …show more content…

At this point the heart has already begun to beat eighteen to twenty one days after the fertilization. Approximately Four to five weeks after the baby is conceived, pain receptors begin to form around the baby’s mouth. After the pain receptors are fully formed, the nerve tissue begins to form which carry the messages to the brain to indicate it that something is wrong.
The variances between embryos and adults are the differences of degree not of kind.
Like the terms children and adolescent, the terms fetus and embryo do not indicate to nonhumans but to humans at certain stages of their development. Baby’s inside the mother’s womb are usually smaller, less developed, and are dependent than other human beings outside the womb. They are differences of degree, not differences of kind. We can all point to other people and see that some are bigger, stronger, smarter, or less dependent than others are, but that doesn't make any life less valuable or any less deserving of protection. Only less than 1% of abortions made are to protect the life of the mother. Only in very rare cases an abortion is required to save the life of the mother. Obviously, when two lives are in danger and only one can be saved, doctors will always make the decision to save the mother’s life. For instance, abortion for the mother’s way of life and abortion for the health of the mother are usually not the same problem.

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