Abortion Is a Form of Murder Essay

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Each year, two out of every one hundred women aged fifteen to forty-four have an abortion, 48 % of them have had at least one previous abortion and 61% percent have had a previous birth. This means that these women understand the joy of a baby being born, and still choose to take away their privilege to live. They’ve carried these children before and know the happiness of seeing their own healthy child in their arms for the first time. Why then, when they know they are creating a new life inside of them, do they choose to deprive their child the right to live and experience everything life has to offer? They willingly decide to kill that child and decide to have an abortion. Hence, abortion should be illegal because one is committing an …show more content…

If a woman does not want to become pregnant, she should avoid this with some sort of contraception or abstinence. There are many ways that a woman can prevent pregnancy, the most common of which being a birth control pill that generally must be taken once a day. If a woman accidentally becomes pregnant she can choose to put the child up for adoption, take the morning after pill, which is generally a stronger dose of a birth control pill, or use a copper intrauterine device, which must be inserted within five days of conception in order to work properly. If they find out too late to use either the morning after pill or to use a CID, they should make the right choice and put the child up for adoption. A big mistake that most people think is that the morning after pill is the same thing has having an abortion because you are killing the baby, but the pill kills the sperm before it conceives the egg and is not actually killing the baby.

About 1.5 million American families want to adopt children, and women have up to nine months to decide where and who they want to raise their child. It is a win-win situation for the mother because she does not have to kill her baby if she does not want the child; instead she is doing a good thing by giving up the child for adoption. Rape and incest victims should take the morning after pill to prevent a pregnancy if

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