Abortion On Abortion

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Don Marquis bases his argument of abortion on the controversial claim that killing a fetus is seriously wrong for the same reason killing an adult is wrong. Before progressing into his argument he lists exceptions to his claim that abortion is accepted in rare instances. These circumstances include pregnancy as a result of rape, abortion during the first fourteen days of pregnancy, carrying a fetus that harms the mother’s life, or when the fetus shows signs of major birth defects. Marquis moves to suggest that the abortion debt is at a standoff due to the common question of the potentiality that a fetus is a human being or not. For the standard anti-abortion argument you usually hear things along the line, Fetuses are humans and they have a right to life, and the right to life trumps the right of privacy and control over ones body. Conversely, standard pro-choice arguments stands firm by the ideas that fetus are not humans because they lack self-awareness, and moral agency which are qualifiers to be a person. Each side continues to argue and attempt to qualify each of their points, but Marquis stops to say that pro-choicers stand by an argument that is far to constricted, while pro-lifers stand by an argument that is far to expansive, each failing to resolve the issue at hand. Marquis brings a new way of approaching this argument to the table. Before understanding if killing a fetus is wrong we must first understand what it is about killing in general that makes it

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