Abortion : The Decision You Hold

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Abortion: The decision you hold
“Nobody can hurt me without my permission. “Muhammad Gandhi. A man that truly believed in total peace and a person genuine happiness. But in the regard to the topic of abortion happiness may not be a luxury it comes with. It can be view with an ethical and philological stance wither is morally wrong or not. There should always have some factual evidence to always support your claim. The decision on whether or not should be decided on the individual.
Judith J. Thompson is a philosopher that published an article on her beliefs and values on abortion. She believe that one should have the option to decide if the person caring the soon be baby wants to become a mother or carry through with the abortion. Thomson …show more content…

And in fact the people who oppose abortion on exception in case of rape.
In the example of that waking up in a hospital and to find out a famous violinist is attached to ones’ kidneys and he requires the kidney for nine months. Everyone has the right to life which is a morally correct aspect. The violinist is a person so morally he must the right to live and have life but is it impermissible to withdrawal the support the violinist needs? Does his life have greater value over your life and your bodily rights?
Thomson also give another example of egoism. In this case, she use where if the child life has a higher worth over yours. She calls this example the “Extreme View”.
Suppose a woman has become pregnant, and now learns that she has a cardiac condition such that she will die if she carries the baby to term. What may be done for her? The fetus, being to life, but as the mother is a person too, so has she a right to life. Presumably they have an equal right to life. How is it supposed to come out that an abortion may not be performed? If mother and child have an equal right to life, shouldn 't we perhaps flip a coin? Or should we add to the mother 's right to life her right to decide what happens in and to her body, which everybody seems to be ready to grant--the sum of her rights now outweighing the fetus 's right to life?

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