Abortion: The Supreme Case Of Roe V. Wade

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Illegal abortions made up one sixth of all pregnancies in 1965. In the 1971 case of Roe v. Wade the supreme court confirms that the legality of a woman's right to have an abortion is under the Fourteenth amendment to the Constitution. This case was a major landmark in history because, it changed the way the population viewed abortion, however I am in partial agreement with this case.
So what were the facts? Norma McCorvey lived in Texas and was seeking an abortion, although the Texas Law had outlawed abortions unless it deemed the pregnancy would put the mother was in life or death situation. Because Texas had not legalized abortions they recommended to go to one of the 4 states where abortion was legal. McCorvey not having the funds to travel Norma decided to sue the state of Texas claiming it was a violation of her constitutional rights. McCorvey and her lawyer Sarah Weddington decided to take their case to the supreme court. Norma McCorvey would be known by a more famous generic name Jane Roe to protect her right of privacy that she was fighting for from then on. The first hearing of the supreme court was December 13, 1971 the council for Wade was Jay Floyd who didn’t impress the justices much.
The main constitutional question or issue was “Does the Constitution embrace the right of a woman to obtain an abortion?” …show more content…

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