Abortion Vs Abortion

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The average human believes we are all subject to our own bodies. Men and women both believe this to be true. Men and women are also subject to their own outlooks on abortion. There are two strong beliefs on abortion. The outlooks in this case are not gender specific; instead they are more of a branch from an individual’s religious (or not religious) beliefs. One side may assume that a human being comes into existence as soon as a human egg is fertilized. This perspective produces the view that all abortion is murder, no matter the case, or what stage the embryo is. In contrast, the opposing side views an embryo as part of the pregnant woman’s body, and that it remains essentially part of that body, and unconscious, until it is born; proving it not to be murder. This issue is challenged by many individuals from both sides. Bell hooks and Martha Mendoza both express their belief on this issue through writing. Both authors stress that we must provide the choice of abortion to women, all around the world.
Hooks displays that women around the world should obtain the right to take a stand for themselves. They should be able to choose freely without the guilt others place on them when deciding what they want to do with their own bodies. A main argument revolving abortion would be why did you make this “mistake” in the first place? As if girls are not able to have the same desires as men. Abortion has a negative connotation in today’s day and age, but so does an unwanted

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