About A Year Ago, I Participated In A Mock Trial In School.

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About a year ago, I participated in a mock trial in school. A mock trial is meant to imitate a real trial, taking place inside of a courtroom with a fake jury and judge evaluating each side. However, different to a real trial, what is being judged on is not based upon evidence. Instead, the things that were important were what each side does with the evidence provided in the example case we were given and our abilities to make our point clear. Both my small, five-person class and another class from a different school were performing in the mock trial. The students in my class and the other class both had to act the parts of both an attorney and a witness, but because of my small class, I had the parts of two attorneys and two witnesses. …show more content…

Discovering this frightened me. I know that for some people this would not have been too big of a deal, but at the time I was struggling with just reading my papers out loud in class. There was even a time during the semester where just reading a passage from a book out loud made me so anxious that everything seemed blurry, even when I was able to read the words clearly just moments before. But this time I was going to be facing a much more daunting task, something I had never experienced before. I had never really been one for acting or performing, and I did not know much about the legal system either. To say I was nervous would have been an understatement.
At the thought of standing up and performing in an actual courtroom, in front of a judge, and being evaluated by a jury, I was horrified. I spent my time wondering how I, someone who struggled to even read a passage to a small group of friends, could do something like this? It seemed impossible to me. From how I saw it, there was no way I could successfully speak up and be understood in this setting. While some people may worry about not being able to do a good job or forgetting a few lines, I thought there was no way I could perform at all. The way I saw it, the best-case scenario was that I would be able to talk, but I would have much

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