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I am Ane, a seventh grader who loves soccer like nothing else, iodizes Nicola Tesla, and has a relentless ambition to become a neurosurgeon. My preferred after school activity is the rough, yet enthralling sport of soccer. I also aspire to become like Nicola Tesla, an intelligent and modest man who changed the world. One thing that continuously drives me it my passion to become a neurosurgeon, a field that requires intelligence and hard work. As a 12 year old boy who is inspired by Nicola Tesla, who is fueled by the goal of becoming a neurosurgeon, but especially by my all-pervading love of soccer. My favorite afterschool activity is the exhilarating, yet depressing sport of soccer. Soccer has helped me meet many new …show more content…

In summary, Nicola Tesla, a smart and persistent man, and took the world by storm. My dream job after graduation has to be the challenging and invigorating field of neurosurgery. Neurosurgery is a field that without a doubt extremely challenging in many ways. Neurosurgeons have to spend many hours a day in the taxing environment of a hospital. Neurosurgery is also a very well paying job. Neurosurgery has an average pay of over $300,000 per year, but many other professions have an average pay of $58,000, which is almost 6 times less than a neurosurgeon’s pay. Neurosurgery also has an extremely high employment rate. At the time of writing the employment rate for neurosurgeons is about 99%, yet the national employment rate is around 90%. Lastly, neurosurgery is a job with job security. Almost 96% of neurosurgeons quit their prior jobs and were not laid off. Neurosurgery is a field that requires excellent people skills and superb reflexes, which makes this my dream job. I am a soccer fanatic, Nicola Tesla loving, aspiring neurosurgeon who is a student at Blanchard Middle School. I relish every moment I spend with the inanimate, yet loving sport of soccer. I also am driven by my need to be like my honest and kind role model Nicola Tesla. As a person who is always looking for challenge, the exciting and

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