About the Titanic in the Book, A Night to Remem ber by Walter Lord

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The nonfiction novel, "A Night To Remember" by Walter Lord is about the well known disaster of the luxury cruise ship, the "Titanic". This story takes place on the ship and on its many decks while sailing along the Atlantic Ocean.
Walter Lord wrote this book in 1955, but the famous collision occurred on April 14, 1912 at 11:40 P.M. In this novel the author, Walter Lord wants to show what happened at every moment on the colossal cruse liner. The novel does not only have one main character, but rather all characters hold the same importance in the story. It was on April 14, 1912, at 2:00 P.M., when the Titanic left Queenstown for New York on her Maiden Voyage carrying
1316 passengers and 891 crew members. In the beginning, all was calm …show more content…

If there was any other room left (which there couldn't be) the men could go leave. The calls came from all around shouting "Women and children on the emergency row boats." That really startled the people on the ship. They wanted to know why they had to go on the emergency boats if the ship was unsinkable. But if they had to... they would. People went back into their rooms and took things that were most valuable to them. One person took a Bible that was given to him by his brother, but almost all of the people (being of the upper class) took jewelry and money. At 12:15 A.M. the next day, the first wireless call for help was made. The water was getting higher and higher. The departing said their final good-byes. Soon the Titanic would be under the great Atlantic Ocean, so the crew would have to act fast. Some men wanted to remain aboard and were ready to go down with the ship.

As the ship started to take on more and more water, faster and faster, some people panicked and jumped over the edge thinking that they could swim for their lives. The water was much too cold and they died. The ship was now on such a tilt that it was no longer easy to stand. People were tumbling left and right. People were also going crazy because they either saw their spouse or friend drown in front of them. As the Titanic was in its final stages of being above the sea, some

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