Titanic Essay

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In the movie Titanic, the story line revolves around two love interest, Jack and Rose. The two fall in love despite being from different economic backgrounds and they fight the oppositions from their families. Regardless of being one of the highest grossing movies of all time, the movie does not incorporate many details as to why the Titanic sank. The only source the movie gives for the Titanic’s sinking is the damage the iceberg caused. Through time Scientist have proven that an Iceberg was just one of the many factors causing the Titanic’s demise. The film itself does not go into detail into about how the Titanic sank instead it focuses more on the stories of the people on board. Towards the end of the movie the scene of the lifeboats …show more content…

The iceberg left gashes on the ships steel hull then causing the floods in different compartments (William Kaufman). Going back to the negligence of the warning signals, the captain and officers were largely at fault for not receiving the messages and acting upon them. If some action would have been taken much earlier the ships sinking would not have occurred. The ship started receiving messages about the iceberg noon on Sunday, April 14 then another at 9:30pm yet it wasn’t till 11:40pm that the iceberg was noticed by people on the ship. Scientist have said that the reason the Titanic sank goes far beyond the ship hitting an iceberg. According to researchers the Titanic had defective rivets that made the structure of the ship weak. “Rivets from the hull were recently analyzed by a corrosion laboratory and were found to contain unusually high concentrations of slag, making them brittle and prone to failure. The weakened rivets popped and the plates separated.” (Naomi Balaban, James Bobick). The hull was already weak once the iceberg hit the ship causing the damage to be much more detrimental. (William Kaufman). After the Titanic was hit the ships boilers explodes causing the ship to go into a vertical position, ultimately the explosion sank the ship. (William Kaufman). The rivets that held the hull together were not placed correctly and were not of high quality in order to cut costs. “This may have been the result of a cost-cutting exercise and meant that the part of

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