Abraham Bram Stoker: A Brief Biography

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Abraham Bram Stoker, born in Dublin on November 8, 1847, was an Irish novelist, theatre critic and short story writer. As a child, Stoker was often ill and he spent most of his time in bed. His mother, who was as a charity worker and a writer, told him horror stories that, most likely, had influenced his later writings. The ones he found most interesting were the stories about the cholera epidemic in 1832, which killed thousands of people in Europe and North America. In 1864, Stoker enrolled at the University of Dublin, and there attended Trinity College. He began working as a civil servant at Dublin Castle and a part time journalist and drama critic. Despite being sick a lot as a child, he excelled in athletics, winning many awards. He graduated with honors in 1870 and earned a mathematics degree, and continued his work at the Castle for another 10 years. Many wonder about the “Bram” in his name. The Constitution of Atlanta explained:
“..Speaking of his rather-striking name, he said: “I was named Abraham Stoker, but since my very young childhood, I have been called Bram-and Bram, I have let it remain””. In 1876, he meets a famous English actor, Sir Henry Irving, after his review of “Hamlet” in which Irving was cast. They soon became friends, and this relationship would soon prove to be a firm ground to his career. It didn’t take long for Irving to offer Bram a management position at Lyceum Theatre, where he would write letters for him and accompany him on his worldwide

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