Abraham Lincoln 's Leadership Skills

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Lincoln on Leadership
Simmi Jundoria
MCPHS University

Lincoln on Leadership
Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest presidents in United States history. His leadership abilities were just as significant and influential. Today, his leadership styles can be used in practice every day and in the healthcare field. The Civil War had a dramatic impact on the leadership skills Lincoln possessed. His self-confidence, ability to work collaboratively with war generals, cabinet members, and keeping his best people by his side kept the nation together during in the time of crisis. Leadership is something that comes from within the individual and this is a key component in nursing. Without leadership, patient care and quality will suffer as well as the work environment.
There were many different leadership qualities that were talked about in this novel. One of which was the interaction and how well Abraham Lincoln was able to deal with people. Interaction, communication and collaboration with employees, and people were what Abraham Lincoln was known for. Instead of staying in the White House and listening to the information that was being brought to him, he was leaving the office and going out into the battlefield and talking to the troops. “All leaders must seek and require access to reliable and up-to-date information” (CITE). Lincoln went out to War Department telegraph’s office so he can access to important information, as well as tour the Navy Yard, and
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