Abramson Chapter 11-12 Summary

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Abramson, J. – Chapter 11: Rousseau and the Rustic In his novel The Confession Rousseau is making different remarks such as: 1. When stealing anything and blaming it on another person who would eventually be punished for this crime. If this was public this person who blamed the other person didn’t want to get his/her reputation lowered 2. Women should be good and everything underneath considers them prostitutes 3. It is of great importance that the marriage and the child should be a bond and not being married with a child is a sign embarrassment and disrespect to the system He believes that state of nature is a fiction and it’s hardly possible to achieve that system within the state. It is impossible because there…show more content…
We do get a better reputation that we want however from the expense of others. Even though the system imposes equal rights for everyone, but actually its puts the richest on the top of the pyramid and the poorest on the bottom. Abramson, J. – Chapter 12: Rousseau and the Political In this chapter Rousseau argues the influence of the public on the individual and physiological affect of the society. It is inevitable to escape from others opinions. For Rousseau State of Nature is fictional. We cant be independent of peoples ideals and opinions, however savage man can be independent because he is modest and doesn’t attack others. Political and natural freedom are kind of different, while political freedom resides within conditions or social dependency, natural freedom is independence. Governments are structure to provide inequality among individuals and groups, where they put rich at the top and poor on the bottom. Since we obey the government in that extend we, as Rousseau would say are slaves to the system, a system of domination and subordination. In order to gain freedom we need to become dependent on other individuals, their ideals and beliefs. Freedom meaning becoming a self governed citizen, abolishing all natural rules and regulations. In order to have freedom and absolute authority, we have to agree to obey sovereign authority. Everyone has to be equal and nobody has the interest to

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