Absalom : The Second Son Of King David

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Absalom: He was the third son of King David. His mother, Maachah, was the daughter of Talmai, King of Geshur. Absalom would have been born around 1008 BC because Solomon was born in 999 BC and at the time of his birth Absalom was nine years old. In 2 Samuel 14:25 Absalom is described as the most handsome man in the kingdom. He was born in Hebron and later moved to Jerusalem. He was a father to three sons and a daughter named Tamar. In 990 BC Tamar was raped by Amnon. Amnon is David’s eldest son and half-brother to Tamar and Absalom. Their father David did nothing to punish Amnon. Absalom took Tamar into his home. Two years later 988 BC Absalom then 20yrs old, sent his servants to murder Amnon out of revenge. Afterwards he fled to Talmai, the King of Geshur, his grandfather. Three years later David longed to see Absalom and he returned to Jerusalem and back to his house and family. From 983-979, Absalom was between the ages of 25-29. He began plotting a conspiracy to take his father’s throne. Absalom won over the people and in 979 BC at the age of 29, he took his father’s throne and David fled from Jerusalem. David instructed his servant Hushai to infiltrate Absalom’s court. Instead Hushai tried to convince Absalom to not attack David while he was on the run but to instead prepare his army for an attack. This gave David time to prepare his own troops for the battle. The battle was fought in Wood of Ephraim. Absalom’s army was defeated and Absalom’s hair
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