Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian Theme Analysis

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When achieving things in life, you will need to have hope. In the novel, “Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian” author Sherman Alexie demonstrates the theme of hope. Sherman Alexie demonstrates the theme of hope through the characters; Mr. P, Junior and Penelope. Through these characters and plot events, it is clear that if you have hope and follow your dreams, you will succeed. First of all, Mr. P has shown the theme of hope through his wise words, horrible past and his hopefulness to change another character's perspective. Mr. P mentally and physically abused his residential students during his young teaching years. After being hit with a book from his student, Junior, Mr. P didn’t feel angry, but a sense of what he used to do to …show more content…

43) Junior made the decision to leave his reservation. Junior found hope in a new school named Rearden because of the friends he’s made. “If you let people in your life a little bit, they can be pretty damn amazing.” (p. 129) Junior felt happier in the new environment. Junior met new friends. Junior felt like he could be something different. Mainly, Junior felt like he could have hope. Thirdly, Penelope demonstrated the theme of hope through her stereotype of being popular, and her willingness to find something bigger. Penelope is a popular girl. On the outside, Penelope is seen as a girl who is perfect. But on the inside, Penelope is dealing a lot of pain. Penelope copes with her pain by with her eating disorder, Bulimia. Penelope said to the character Junior, “I’m only bulimic when I’m throwing up” (p. 107). After being caught by one of her classmates, Penelope finally confesses and shows Junior that she isn’t the “popular” and “perfect” girl people make her out to be. “I hate this little town. It’s so small, too small. Everything about it is small. The people here have small ideas. Small dreams. They all want to marry each other and live here forever” (p. 111). Penelope shows that being a girl that people want her to be on the outside isn’t what she is on the inside. Inside Penelope, Penelope has problems within herself and she has big dreams to change it. In conclusion, Mr.P, Junior and Penelope demonstrate the theme of hope through their characters and plot

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