Abstinence And Comprehensive Sex Education

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I lean towards the abstinence side of the argument between abstinence and comprehensive sex education because of my religious beliefs. Although I feel abstinence should be the focus of sex education, I think it is important to teach young people a balance to protect themselves. While researching this topic, it seems that many of the articles have the same idea to teach abstinence along with safe sex which would be comprehensive sex ed. With the rising sexual transmitted diseases and pregnancies, young people need to have an understanding of both sides. They need to be taught all consequences of choosing to have sex or to wait. Teaching youth, if they choose to be abstinent, they may fall into peer pressure, and they need to understand…show more content…
I do feel some of the abstinence teachings need to slightly change because I feel most teens are going to have sex no matter which sex education program they are taught. I think the teens should get the comprehensive lessons, but also have the explanations on why abstinence is also a good idea. That way the teens get the abstinence talk, but then if they choose to ignore it, will know how to properly protect themselves, know how contraceptives work, the proper way to use those contraceptives, and know of where to get proper help if they need it. So my opinion didn’t change it was just modified. -Sarah Melcher- When we began this project, I was against the idea of abstinence-only programs. I had a similar mindset to those who argue for comprehensive sex education and against abstinence programs. I thought they were a waste of time and ineffective. After reading the articles though, I learned there are teens that the abstinence programs actually work for. I was surprised to see too, that there were quite a few articles arguing for combination abstinence and comprehensive sex education programs. I now feel that this is the best answer for sex education for teens. It gives them the best of both worlds. They are taught that staying abstinent is the best thing for their bodies to
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