Young And The Restless

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After reading about the abstinence experience assignment, giving up the daytime show “The Young and the Restless” came to mind. However, my immediate answer to myself was “no way.” I attempted to think of something else that would be more difficult. I find it odd that dieting did not come to mind during my pre-contemplation stage. I kept trying to come up with something other than giving up my favorite show. I attempted to minimize the impact that missing the show would have on me by telling myself that the Young and the Restless show really is not be a big deal ; I needed to find something else that would give me a true feel for what a person who is attempting to abstain from drug use would experience. However, I decided …show more content…

I though about watching the show everyday and rationalized by telling myself that Dr. Ishee expects us to fail, that it is part of the process it would not be so bad if I watched Young and the Restless just once. However, by July 12, 2010 I realized that I did not think about Young and the Restless unless someone brought up the subject. I wondered if the reason for this was due to my busy schedule. By July 14, 2010, I realized that I was no longer bothered by the fact that I could not watch the Young and the Restless. After contemplating why I no longer has a desire to watch Young and the Restless; I began to wonder if I should give up something else. In addition, I wondered what I could give up and whether it would seem as if I could not handle not being able to watch the Young and the Restless show. Therefore, I decided to continue the Young and Restless abstinence experience. However, by July 16, 2010 I also decided that I would begin the Adkins Weight Loss Diet realizing that the first two weeks of the diet are brutal. I believe that I was in the preparation stage at this time because; I have been in every stage of change before when it comes to dieting. I lost 40 pounds last year however, I was not able to consciously make a decision to eat properly and exercise on a daily basis. Therefore, I gained 10 pounds of the 40 pounds lost back. Due to the fact that I had plans for the weekend I decided to start the Adkins Weight Loss Diet on Monday. In addition,

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