Abstract Of The Tell Tale Heart

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“The Tell- Tale Heart”
ENG 330
Matty P
Mrs. Ramirez
October 25, 2017

In the short story of Tell-Tale Heart, the narrator talks about an insane mad man who speaks to himself. He describes what his intentions to kill an old man who he loves, but allows his emotions to overwhelm him with the thoughts that the old man’s eye in which he identifies as a vulture’s eye is invading his every emotion. He goes on to expose his every move insanely and vividly to murder the old man.

“The Tell- Tale Heart” In this short novel written by Edgar Allan Poe, we are introduced to the main character the narrator and he is a madman. He starts by “True! Nervous very, very dreadfully nervous” (Poe) we can describe him as crazy, psychotic, but even more so with a narcissist personality. In which he starts off the story by describing himself as this madman and the thoughts he is thinking. The way he speaks of his thoughts catches the readers interest to want to keep reading. He lives with an old man that has a vulture eye as he describes it. The eye is pale blue with a layer over it. The eye bothers him to the degree of planning on how to kill the old man. The demented narrator has the never to state “I love the old man,” “he had never wrong me,” and “he had never given me insult” (Poe) finding reasons not to kill him. There was nothing that would convince him not to kill the old man he thought of killing him day and night. For the next seven
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