Abstract. The Purpose Of This Literature Review Is To Compare

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Abstract The purpose of this literature review is to compare the benefits and risks of electronic health records (EHRs). This literature review has provided different journal articles to compare the risks and the benefits of having electronic health records in a hospital. Some of the articles believe that the use of EHRs in a hospital will be more effective and helpful while others suggest that the use of EHRs in a hospital will not be beneficial due to the complications that may arise with it. The methods used will be comparing different journal articles and comparing them with each other. In conclusion, the use of electronic health records in hospitals will be beneficial for both patients and doctors because it allows the doctors to…show more content…
The research problem is whether or not EHRs are beneficial for hospitals. Methods In order to be able to depict if EHRs would be beneficial or risky to use in hospital, there were several different journal article that were evaluated. There were different articles that used EHRs in hospitals and found it to be beneficial and there were hospitals that used EHRs and found that it caused several problems. The different articles talked about how the EHRs are going to benefit the hospitals so that they can get things done in a timely and effective manner. The articles that discussed the risks talked about the different problems that could arise when using EHRs in the hospital. The date limitations that were used is no older articles than 10 years old. The language limitations were a little difficult because there were many studies done in different locations other than the United States. Other limitations included many articles talked about the benefits and risks of having EHRs, but they did not give clear and concise examples. Findings In Aragon, Cortelyou-Ward, Noblin, Bullard, Talbert, Wilson, and Briscoe study, they discussed how the EHRs can be accessed easily and it is easily viewed by both the nurses and doctors (2014). Another article discusses the benefits of the HER systems. It allows for labs and healthcare professionals to easily communicate their information to each other. (Gluskin, 2014). Meyerhoefer, Deily, Sherer, Chou, Peng, Sheinberg, & Levick
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