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Course Project: MCAS MIRAMAR FAMILY ADVOCACY CENTER HIT 120- Introduction to Health Information Technology December 12, 2012 Course Project: MCAS MIRAMAR FAMILY ADVOCACY CENTER Electronic health records (EHR) are health records that are generated by health care professionals when a patient is seen at a medical facility such as a hospital, mental health clinic, or pharmacy. The EHR contains the same information as paper based medical records like demographics, medical complaints and prescriptions. There are so many more benefits to the EHR than paper based medical records. Accuracy of diagnosis, quality and convenience of patient care, and patient participation are a few examples of the…show more content…
MCAS FAP has thirteen providers which include psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers, six administrators, and fifteen medical support staff. Access to Information MCAS Miramar Family Advocacy Program submits everything electronically, including reports provided by social workers and psychiatrists. Just about every health professional have different levels of access to the medical records. For instance, the psychiatrist have more access to the patients information whereas they can provide prescriptions and the administrators schedule the appointments and perform receptionist duties and they don’t have access to the findings of the patients nor their prescriptions. However, they are the ones that relate the messages for prescription refills. Information System The information system used by mental health clinic is AHLTA, which is a computerized health care system of the Department of Defense. AHLTAs primary goal is to establish a patient record system so that each patient can have a single, comprehensive, and longitudinal health record containing all the clinical information from each interaction with DOD medical personnel (Navy AHLTA Resource Center). Functions AHLTA is used to register patients in the system. Benefits of the system include instant accessibility to patients’ records, automation of documentation of the providers’ notes, and reduced repetitiveness.
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