Abuse In Nursing Home Abuse

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Unfortunately, the dependent condition of most nursing home residents makes them especially vulnerable to all types of abuse. Aside from physical violence and neglect there are a number of ways a loved one may be mistreated while in the care of a nursing home provider. The following list explains the various ways in which nursing home abuse may present itself: • Physical Abuse. o Physical abuse is the intentional use of force against a senior citizen that results in bodily injury or even death. This is the most apparent type of nursing home abuse to detect especially where relatives visit the facility often Examples of physical abuse include: unnecessary use of restraints or confinement, assault and battery, dropping patients, using force to assist patients, shoving or knocking a patient down, hitting, biting, scratching, hair pulling, deliberate and inappropriate use of drugs, breaking bones, or any act of violence directed towards the elderly that results in physical harm. Injuries that may result from such abuse include: broken bones, internal injuries, burns, overdoses, concussions, welts, marks, choking, bruises, black eyes, or sprains. In extreme cases such abuse can result in coma or even the untimely death of a resident. • Psychological Abuse. o Psychological abuse is much harder to detect given nursing home residents rarely talk about it or report it. Such is true given nursing home residents may be afraid of their caregivers and reluctant to talk about the issues
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