Abuse In The Scarlett Letter

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Now that we see what happens when you don’t fit the mold of what society wants you to be and what rights you get striped away from you we go into the over kill and abuse they end up going through while being picked out of a group. For Hester it was more of an emotional abuse knowing every single turn she made she was being looked at and talked about. People would go around her to make sure they didn’t touch her, Hester's child was left out at school and shunned as the outcast because her mom loved someone else and couldn’t divorce her husband that was pure evil. Her mistress was also abused with the guilt that he felt for not having the courage to stand up and show he loved her and the child. He was to scared to show himself to his people,…show more content…
We saw it right from the beginning when Ember was took away from her mom, her heart was shattered when see saw chase her love of her life and then hit so hard she was knocked out. Now when she was at the rehabilitation camp for girls, we first see how abusive the place is when Ember gets punished for tricking the soldier and trying to make a phone call out to see how her mom is doing. She was humiliated in front of everyone and her hands were wiped with a ruler till they had bloody welt upon welts and she blacked out. Next we see it when she finds her roommate snuck out of the window and was with the soldier that looked to be her roommates boyfriend. She had a gun pointed at her and threatened. Next Ember was sexulay assalted when found over by the wall that was a perimeter around that rehabilitation camp. After that we see her hosed down and almost beaten to death. Right before she was beaten her ex showed up and took her away and broke her out of there. She ran away from him and almost got turned into a stou for some crazy lady that wanted to eat her. Then on the journey she was almost sexural assaulted by two guys that almlost overpowered Chase. Then where found a safe house almost shot at but some old guy saved them. Then she was caught thrown in jail after she ran away from Chase again because he lied about her mom being alive. She was almost killed again, and her boyfriend…show more content…
For Hester it was her daughter that kept her from falling in between the cracks. She fought for her daughter, taught her daughter that she had to keep her head high that they had to be the best people that they could possible be. Hester did everything she could to keep her daughter pure and good. For Ember she had been literally fighting for her mother, everything she thought about was her mom, she wanted her mom to be right there with her, to protect her mom and comfort her. She even had to trust the soldier that was her ex that saved her from that camp to take her to her mom. She fell back in love to get back to her mom, she left herself vulnerable for her mom. She was abused for her mom, her mom is what kept her going and almost
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