Abuse Of Drug Abuse

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Drug addiction within the healthcare has become a very important issue. Drug-addicted Doctors & Health Care Professionals (2015) studied that “doctors and other health care workers are addicted to drugs in the same proportion as the general population” (para, 1). Anesthesiologists, specifically, continuously shows an increase rate of drug misuse. There are many factors that contribute to the abuse of drugs to include: access to drugs, high stress environment, control-oriented personality. The main drugs that are being abused are fentanyl, sufentanil, merperidine, and morphine (substance abuse among anesthesiologists, 2012). The abuse of drugs by medical professionals causes many patient related problems. The burden of this issue is that diseases may be spreaded. The way physicians get by with using drugs is they inject the patient first, then themselves, and then the patient again. In combination to the dilemma of infection, there is the issue of patients not getting all the drugs they require. When drugs are shared between a medical professional and a patient, it is known as drug diversion, which signifies that the patient who genuinely needs the sedative or anodyne, or both is not receiving a full dose. In a case study at Community Hospital of the West, Derek Jonson who is a physician and board certified to perform anesthesia procedures. These procedures included Surgical and obstetrical. Derek Johnson has been an anesthesiologist at the hospital for 15 years. For a
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