Abuse Of Power Throughout History

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Throughout history, people have gone crazy over power, making them do things that they would have never done. Stories have been written, wars have been fought, and even families destroyed over the struggle for power. Desiring power is part of our human nature, everyone wants it, and what one does while in power, is often attempts to gain more. Even the most paramount leaders can become corrupt, leaving their legacy resonating through history. A common theme throughout our history is the abuse of power. It is often that societies find that their highly elected officials have broken laws to a large degree. With superfluous power, there is an abuse of power. Human nature is to covet power, and when someone feels power, it makes them go ballistic over it, eventually, leading to that power becoming corrupt. …show more content…

The Commander hands Offred a magazine, which in Gilead is criminal for a woman to possess because women are not suppose to read or be educated. Offred while looking through the magazine reflected saying, “I felt the Commander watching me as I turned the pages. I knew I was doing something I shouldn’t have been doing, and that he found pleasure in seeing me do it” (pg. 157). The pleasure he found in watching an illegal activity performed in front of him is an abuse of his power. The Commander is using his power to benefit himself and is attempting to arouse Offred by what he can offer her. Any attempt to try and attract a female other than for reproduction, is off limits. Therefore, the use of the magazine to try and attract Offred is a double abuse of power, and the abuse of power is

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