Things Fall Apart

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The world is filled with many different types of societies and cultures. This is due to the fact that many people share dissimilar beliefs and ideas, as well as diverse ways of life. People lived under different circumstances and stipulations, therefore forming cultures and societies with ideas they formulated, themselves. These two factors, society and culture, are what motivate people to execute the things that they do. Many times, however, society and culture can cause downgrading effects to an assemblage if ever it is corrupt or prejudiced. Society and culture not only influences the emotions individuals have toward things like age differences, religion, power, and equality but also the actions they perform as a result. People of …show more content…

The laws that one society has may only support one type of religion as another may support a different one. When cultures intertwine and mix, varied feelings will be felt and unpleasant actions may be the outcome from them. Take the story of Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe, for example. In the story, the Ibo people were living in harmony and went about their daily routines until the English men arrived and damaged everything. They brought a new religion, Christianity, which had completely different concepts than the one that the Ibo tribe had been following. Many converted and chose to join the world of the Christians while the others stayed loyal to their culture. “He went back to the church… He would return later to his mother and his brothers and sisters and convert them to the new faith” (Achebe152). Nwoye was allured to this new way of life showed to them, and as an outcome, he joined the English men. By the end of this story, the whole Ibo culture was obliterated and destroyed. Their way of life became but a memory in the history of the world. Culture cannot only change the views one has on religion, but it can also destroy that faith. The way a society is run and how things are enforced also can cause negative feelings towards power. It can cause many to rebel if they feel that a leader has too much control, and it can also make people covet and desire such strength leaders have. In Julius Caesar, Cassius

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