Abusing The Lower Class Essay

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When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve their relationship with the NC Government. The corrupt government, takes advantage of the lower class behind the scenes. With leakage of confidential information on social media the people are outraged with the actions of their superiors. With greed in mind, the possibilities of shady business deals and scandals are commonly shown in social media. Should the government continue their habits of abusing the common working class through behind the scenes transactions, we the people of the working lower class have the rights to overthrow the government and create a new one. The adults have the responsibilities to ensure that the next generation is prepared…show more content…
The Government lacks ability to determine whether law enforcement officers are suitable for their position and chooses not to include extra screening to determine whether an officer is worthy of the job. The Government does not use tax dollars to benefit those of the lower class, such as funding for schools in the lower community. The Government base rulings on biased views of a community such as a black man losing a case when he is wronged by a white man. A clear case of white privilege which should not exist since all men Black, White, Asian, and Hispanic are considered equal. The Government chooses to use tax dollars to better its own physical appearance instead of using the tax dollars to better the daily lives of the working class. The Government only takes action when the people begin to complain instead of taking action when they notice them. The Government will require the lower class to work longer hours in order to receive government benefits such as food stamps and financial aid. The Government has done little attempts in order to solve the poverty in the entire
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