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As an economics major, I spent a majority of my undergraduate career examining production functions, which are equations that estimate a level of output based on certain variables such as capital, labor, and technology. During my studies, I began to realize that education was a variable that almost always positively altered the level of output for any given person, business, or environment. The importance of education cannot be understated, therefore, I have the greatest appreciation for those who continue to invest in students like myself. The St. Mary’s University School of Law Foundation established the Academic Excellence Endowed Scholarship in order to assist students with a record of academic excellence and leadership. Given the criteria of LSAT scores, prior grade point average, undergraduate curriculum, and leadership qualities, I believe that my body of work exemplifies the qualities required of this scholarship. According to the 2015-2016 class profile, my GPA and LSAT score fall above the 75th percentile of first-year students. In partnership with my position as the President of a funded startup company focused on promoting financial literacy and entrepreneurship in underserved areas, I believe that I have exhibited my desire to learn, lead, and ability to …show more content…

McCaul Scholarship for Public Service scholarship was endowed by the Mays Family Foundation to provide financial assistance to students who have demonstrated an interest in public service. As I grew up in the selfless environment of the United States Air Force, I inherited a desire to serve by their core values: integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. Another contributing factor in my unwavering commitment to San Antonio is rooted in the visible presence of those core military values all around the city. Attending St. Mary’s would allow me to continue working in communities that are important to me while also helping to build other

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