Academic Performance of 4ps Pupils

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4P’s PROGRAM AND THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF ELEMENTARY PUPILS IN CABULISAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, INOPACAN DISTRICT S.Y. 2014-2015 Introduction Research Questions This economic paper seeks to determine the 4P’s program and the academic performance of the Elementary pupils. Specifically, it seeks answers to the following questions. 1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of? 2.1. Gender 2.2. Age 2.3. Grade 2.4. Total number of children in the family 2.5. Total number of class attendance 2. What is the socio-economic status of the respondents? 3.6. Main source of livelihood of the parents 3.7. Monthly income of the parents 3. Is there a difference between the…show more content…
There are three steps in identifying the beneficiaries: 1. Provinces were selected using the following criteria: a) 20 poorest provinces based on the 2006 Family Income and Expenditure Survey (FIES); b) Poorest provinces in six regions without a province in the list of the 20 poorest provinces; c) Five cities in the NCR, two in the Visayas, two in Mindanao and one in the Cordillera. 2. The selection of the poorest municipalities from the above provinces based on the Small Area Estimates (SAE) and FIES where saturation surveys of households are being conducted. 3. Computerized selection of the poorest households based on a ranking system using Proxy Means Test developed for the program. The PMT Assesses socio-economic characteristics such as: ownership of assets, type of housing unit, level of educational attainment of household heads, and access to water and sanitation facilities. The DSWD selects the beneficiaries based no the targeting system developed for the program. 4Ps provides conditional grants to the beneficiaries such as: * P6000 a year or P500 per month per household for health and nutrition expenses, and * P3000 for one school year or 10 months or 300 / month per child for educational expenses. A maximum of three children per household is allowed. A household with three qualified children can have a subsidy of P1, 400 per month or P15, 000 annually as long as they comply with the

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