Academic Vocabulary And Its Importance For Ell Students

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The reason I chose this article because I was very interested to learn about academic vocabulary and its importance for ELL students. In the recent PowerPoint’s and chapters were read it explained how students will take longer time to understand the academic vocabulary for the different subjects and how this might be the biggest challenge for ELL students. Strategies and tips are great for new teachers and that why I am interested in this article.
This article touches upon many different ideas and the importance of Academic Vocabulary. First it talks about how academic vocabulary is harder to learn then conversational language (Sibold, 24). Next the article dives into the importance of academic vocabulary to ELL’s. It was said that many studies show low academic language skills reflect low academic performance (Sibold, 24). This tells us that ELL students are already at a disadvantage because of there academic vocabulary. Table 1 shows us that there are three stages for incorporating relevant vocabulary. The three stages are before reading, during reading, and after reading. In each on of these strategies there are many different suggestions one can take to help ELL learners. Before reading one can pronounce the word or show the word in their native language and then have the students repeat it in English a few times. During the reading we can use graphic organizer to help students understand the word. After reading we expose the student to that word in a variety of ways

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